SDG Secretariat

The Implementation of SDGs and the lessons learned from MDGs enabled Ministry of economy to design a focused secretariat, where dedicated team and experts are working on the coordination with line ministries on the data collection, data availability and data analysis for the nationalization of SDGs. 

The SDGs secretariat which is working under overall guidance of the director of Economy policy who is also the SDGs coordinator for the UNDP project. since the beginning of the UNDP project support the SDGs secretariat was established. 

the SDGs secretariat was fully furnished and supported by the UNDP project Management unit. 

the SDGs secretariat is fully functional and the overall number of staff is 4, to summarize below is a snapshot of the main activities which are carried over by SDGs secretariat: 

-Coordination with Leading and supporting agencies in data collection. 

-Coordination with SDGs project management unit on meeting arrangement.