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A-SDGs: A-SDGs Prioritization Guideline

A-SDGs Prioritization Guideline


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is designed to support national policy and reporting through an evidence-based framework of targets and indicators. It is critical for the SDGs implementing countries to build an evidence base plan of action. The SDGs targets has an integrated nature which means that progress towards one target has direct and indirect impacts on other targets. To support national implementation a range of tools and approaches are suggested by experts to be carried out in the process of decision making.

The SDGs which cover social, economic and environment aspects of sustainable development, is far more integrated, comprehensive and multifaceted than the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Countries are expected to implement the SDGs nationally and are expected to set their own annual targets values and priorities.

Taking into account the limitation of resources in countries around the world, it is suggested that countries prioritize the SDGs according their circumstances which varies in different countries. Considering the broadness and complex nature of the SDGs, the concept of prioritization is seen as inevitable in the process of implementation.

The fact that SDG targets and goals interact with each other in different ways makes the implementation of the SDGs complicated. Understanding the nature of interactions requires science and evidence based research. Multiple approaches have been suggested for systematically identifying the interactions between SDGs targets and the relation between the sustainable development and policy issues.

For countries like Afghanistan which are at the beginning of the SDGs implementation an evidence based for action is essential. The SDGs is a complex and broad agenda and a healthy prioritization is a key action in the initial stages of implementation.

This paper presents a guideline for prioritization of the SDGs. The guideline is derived from a range of literatures and methodologies previously developed by experts and research and development organizations. The practical approach demonstrated here is intuitively simple and can be easily applied in the context of Afghanistan. The framework of the three criteria assessment applied in this guideline is a practical tool that could support the process of SDGs prioritization in the country.

(A-SDGs Prioritization Guideline )